Friday, March 1, 2024

Artificial City (season ) 1 episode 20 added

SynopsisA mystery psychological thriller drama that depicts characters with various desires and different psychology, and their tangled relationships against the backdrop of a society that conceals their dark sides and is maintained through someone’s sacrifice.

GenresDrama, Mystery

Quality: 480p, 720p

Season 1

  Episode 01:  480p 720p

  Episode 02:  480p 720p

  Episode 03:  480p 720p

  Episode 04:  480p 720p

  Episode 05:  480p 720p

  Episode 06:  480p 720p

  Episode 07:  480p 720p

  Episode 08:  480p 720p

  Episode 09:  480p 720p

  Episode 10:  480p 720p

  Episode 11:  480p 720p

  Episode 12:  480p 720p

  Episode 13:  480p 720p

  Episode 14:  480p 720p

  Episode 15:  480p 720p

  Episode 16:  480p 720p

  Episode 17:  480p 720p

  Episode 18:  480p 720p

  Episode 19:  480p 720p

  Episode 20:  480p 720p

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