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Synopsis of the 2014 series Constantine : Constantine is the name of an American TV series about the

 fictional character of John Constantine. The subject of this exciting series is about a skilled and professional hunter of demons and master of transcendental affairs Constantine, who also specializes in entering the gates of hell. A person who has a lot of innate intelligence and knowledge against the forces of darkness and a person who fights very well, or rather fought. Although his soul is still focused on hell, Constantine decides to leave this job and leave this part of his life behind…

Season 1

 Episode 01:    720p 

 Episode 02:     720p 

 Episode 03:    720p 

 Episode 04:    720p

 Episode 05:    720p  

 Episode 06:   720p

 Episode 07:    720p  

 Episode 08:   720p

 Episode 09:   720p

 Episode 10:    720p

 Episode 11:   720p

 Episode 12:   720p

 Episode 13:   720p

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