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The Croods 2 Trailer

 The Croods 2 Trailer Brings the Caveman Family Into A New Age This Thanksgiving

DreamWorks and Universal have released the first trailer for The Croods: A New Age which arrives this Thanksgiving.

We have the first trailer for The Croods: A New Age. The animated sequel has been in the works at DreamWorks for some time after the original became a breakout hit in 2013. It may have taken a while but the prehistoric family is coming back for more this Thanksgiving. As we can see from the trailer, the world is going to be getting a whole lot bigger, and a bit more crowded.

The trailer picks up with the Croods who are still a happy family, but having to contend with the threats presented to them by the world. But they then find themselves in what seems like a safe-haven, filled with food and luxury. It turns out there is a good reason for that as another, far more modern family lives there. Despite their differences, they begin to co-exist. But adapting to change proves challenging for members on both sides. Ultimately, these broad differences lead them on a grand, dangerous, action-packed adventure.

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In addition to the trailer, a new poster was released last week, confirming a theatrical release this year. That puts the movie in an increasingly small camp of major releases that will still opt to give it a go at the box office in 2020. Following the release of Tenet, more and more blockbusters have pushed their release dates, making the year mostly a wash. Perhaps a family-friendly release will fare better. The Croods: A New Age will arrive in theaters on November 25 from Universal Pictures. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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