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The Protector Season 1-3

Hakan is a young shopkeeper whose modern world gets turned upside down when he learns that he is connected to a secret ancient order that is tasked with protecting Istanbul from an immortal enemy. He struggles to choose between his duties as the Protector and a new love he comes across. Later, as Hakan disregards his training and Protector duties, he learns that an immortal’s blood contains a secret power.
First episode dateDecember 14, 2018
GenresDrama, Science Fiction, Action fiction, Fantasy television

                                            SEASON 1

Episode 01 _ 480p: Direct link 

Episode 02 _ 480p:Direct link

Episode 03 _ 480p: | Direct link 

Episode 04 _ 480p: | Direct link 

Episode 05 _ 480p:Direct link

Episode 06-480p:Direct link 

Episode 07 _ 480p:Direct link

Episode 08 _ 480p:Direct link |

Episode 09 _ 480p:Direct link 

Episode 10 _ 480p: | Direct link 

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