Friday, June 21, 2024

Big Bet Season 1 + Season 2 Episode 8 Added

SynopsisCha Moosik runs a casino bar, only to flee to the Philippines due to a crackdown by the National Tax Service. He launches a full-fledged casino business, and strategizes winning over the political and business circles in the Philippines. However, he is suddenly framed as a suspect in Min Seokjun’s death, and is tracked by Oh Seunghoon of the Korean Desk. Betrayal is rampant in the presence of money.

Quality: 480p

Season 2

Episode 01: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

Episode 02: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

Episode 03: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

Episode 05: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

Episode 06: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

Episode 08: *480p * | *720p *| *1080p*

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